CAFO Webinar Recap

AHC held it’s quarterly webinar “Is my barn a CAFO? What is a CAFO?” on Monday, November 13th. A CAFO is a concentrated animal feeding operation, and it is a hot topic as part of the discussion for the Farm Bill and other agriculture discussions going on right now. CAFO permitting is an environmental regulatory process with federal and state level oversight with potential for impact on equine facilities of all sizes across the country. CAFO permitting processes can be confusing, and the webinar took time to help listeners understand if CAFO rules apply to their operation, who to ask about the application and compliance process, and how CAFO rules may impact facility design and operation.

Special guest Joe Wilson, COO of Parx Racing in Pennsylvania, shared his experiences with the CAFO compliance process at Parx while practiced natural resources consultant Jamie Wallace shared her first hand knowledge of the importance of manure and nutrient resource management at horse facilities.

Did you miss your chance to attend?

You can view the webinar, along with other AHC recordings, in their entirety here:

For questions concerning horse CAFOs, contact Emily Stearns. AHC’s Health, Welfare, and Regulatory Affairs Liaison, at