Business directories are the ultimate unsung heroes – and the American Horse Council is proud to produce the horse industry’s leading source for all things equine!

*Updates for the 2023 edition of the Horse Industry Directory are being solicited from January 1st – January 31st and will be published by March 1st 2023!

The 2022 Horse Industry Directory (HID) is now provided in two formats:

1) an online flipbook which you can view by clicking the button below


2) this searchable online database. Both have thousands of listings including equine publications, federal and state sources of information, breed registries and associations, show and sport organizations, racing and gaming organizations, and service providers.

Note: The flipbook also contains handy facts and figures about the industry, including breed registration numbers and trends, a guide to interstate health requirements, industry meetings and conference dates/locations, and a synopsis of important legislative and regulatory happenings.


AHC, UHC & EWDC members (associations, organizations, and businesses) are automatically listed in both versions. To protect their privacy, we do not include individual members.

Non-members may purchase a 1-year listing in both versions for $25.00.  Simply fill out the form to submit your HID Listing below.  AHC Members who do not have a current listing, or who would like to update their current listing can contact to submit or fill out the form listed below.  Use the AHC Member HID discount code to receive your free listing in the HID.