The Caisson Will Roll On

There are times when AHC reaches out its members and affiliated organizations to mobilize and take action to support, defeat, or postpone a proposal. We are always grateful when members respond and we are truly grateful when they are able to affect change – so we are pleased to report that their efforts on behalf of the U.S. Army’s Caisson Unit were successful.

Language contained in the National Defense Authorization Act FY 2024 clearly states the Army is prohibited from eliminating the Caisson Platoon for military funeral services at Arlington. The Army is also instructed to provide the congressional defense committees with a full briefing on the health, welfare, and sustainment of these military working equids to include an update on the plan to ensure that support by the Caisson Platoon of Arlington National Cemetery and State funerals is never suspended again. 

AHC stood up its advocacy outreach in response to management problems with the Caisson horses which is described in an article by CNN.

Julie Broadway, President of AHC, contacted The Old Guard leadership to obtain additional information and determine what actions may be needed. Learning that money directed to the Caisson platoon was being held up, Broadway called out the AHC Calverley contact their congressional members to express support for The Old Guard and encourage them to expediate the funding.

Broadway said, “It has been AHC’s honor and privilege to work in partnership with The Old Guard on several community outreach projects over the years, and we are happy to provide them our assistance.”