AHC releases statement of support for Amateur Rule changes

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AHC releases statement of support for Amateur Rule changes

(Washington, D.C., June 17, 2022):  Subsequent to a panel discussion at the June 7,2022 AHC Show & Competition Committee meeting on proposed amateur rules changes which included remarks from US Equestrian Federation, American Paint Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association and Certified Horsemanship Association, the American Horse Council Board of Trustees and Show & Competition Committee have released the following statement:


Due to the decline of youth and young adult involvement with horses over several decades, and for the urgent need to engage youth and young adults in equestrian sports, the Show & Competition Committee calls on all equestrian competition organizations to review their amateur rules, giving greater berth of opportunities for properly certified or supervised amateur exhibitors to provide fee-for-services introductory riding lessons without the threat of losing amateur status.


Show & Competition Committee Chair, Dr. Billy Smith, stated “The horse community is missing that critical on-ramp for young riders. That same community can solve this problem if it works together, developing strategies that welcome young riders on a worldwide scale.”


AHC Board of Trustees

Dr Rick Mitchell, DVM -Chair                                                       Marilyn Bertera – Vice Chair

Dr Glenn Blodgett, DVM – Secretary                                        Matt Iuliano – Treasurer

Jim Gagliano – Past Chair                                                               David Foley

Austin Halverson                                                                              Christy Landwehr

Don Marean                                                                                       Tom O’Mara

Tom Rooney                                                                                      Justine Staten

Russell Williams                                                                                Joe Wilson


Show & Competition Committee

Dr Billy Smith (APHA), Chair                                                         Darrell Bilke (PtHA)

Gary Carpenter (NRHA)                                                                 Stephan Hienzsch (USDF)

Bill Moroney (USEF)                                                                       Stan Morey (AHA)

Justin Billings (AQHA)                                                                     Rob Burke (USEA)

Scott Dorenkemp (PRCA)                                                              Harold Palmer (TJC)

Glenn Petty (USHJA)                                                                       Kim Jarvis (Jarvis Insurance)

Bud Wills (CSHC)


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