b' HorseProtectionAct(HPA)AmendmentsVICTORY! ContinuedEquineWelfareDataCollective,adatacollectionthe Fy 2021 consolidated appropriations act funds $1 million forinitiative to provide population metrics of horses at-risk and in horse protection, double the amount from Fy2020. ahc met withtransition. usda transition team members to discuss allocation of the new Continuedpromotionofthe2017EquineIndustryEconomicImpactfunds.study.PreventAllSoringTactics(PAST)ActMOVINGFORWARD ContinuedcollaborationwithAAEPonresearchchallengeswithFollowing passage of the Prevent all soring tactics (Past) act (h.r.goal of holding equine research summit in 2021 to include funders 693) in the house of representatives in 2019, the horse industryand researchers. successfully pushed back against an alternative proposal in the ContinuedAHCMarketingAllianceTimetoRideprogramwhichhassenate that would have undermined the original Past act. theexposed over 135,000 newcomers to horses and equine pursuits. alternative proposal died in late december.GuestWorkerVisasMOVINGFORWARD2019 accomplishmentssuccessfully advocated for guest worker visa cap flexibility for AdvocatedforpassageofthePreventAllSoringTactics(PAST)ActFy2021, authorizing a two-fold increase of h-2B guest worker visas(h.r. 693) in the u.s. house of representatives. Passing by a vote allowed by federal law.of 333 to 96, the bill has gained unprecedented momentum in the2020TaxBrochuresPUBLISHEDsenate, where it has more than 50 co-sponsors. Following publication of the 2019 horse industry tax handbook, Forthethirdyearinarow,successfullyadvocatedfordedicateddrafted and distributed tax brochures, breaking down threshold taxfunds for equine assisted activities and therapies (eaat) for issues related to breeding activity and racing.veterans, a measure championed by rep. Barr, in the amount ofAdvocatedforindustryengagementinthedevelopmentofmore $1.5 million, within the Fy2020 department of Veterans affairs supportive import/export regulations; specifically, 60 to 90 days(Va) spending bill.rule change.AdvocatedforfinalpassageoftheWholeVeteranAct(H.R.H.R. SupportedEquineDiseaseCommunicationCenterandcollaborated 2359), authorizing a study analyzing the effectiveness of various with various organizations and agencies on disaster response. treatments for veterans, including equine assisted therapy. theProvidededucationandpromotedtheexistingexemptionsto bill passed the house in 2019 and is awaiting consideration in the electronic logging device regulation. senate.Collaboratedwithindustryonexpansionofwww.Horselookup.org,AdvocatedforpassageoftheIMPROVEAct(H.R.3495),allocatingan equine microchip look up tool, continuing to incorporate newmore resources for effective veteran suicide prevention programs, databases. including eaat.ParticipatedinandhelpfacilitateannualAPHISStakeholderSuccessfullyextendedanexpiredthree-yeardepreciationincentivemeeting with usda officials and equine health leaders. for racehorses through 2020 within the context of 2019 taxProvidedwrittencommentsandstrategicsupportformunicipaland legislation. state efforts to protect and preserve equestrian access to public SuccessfullyadvocatedforrepealoftheUnrelatedBusinesslands and local/state/federal parks.income tax (uBit) burdens imposed on non-profits within theDeliberatedandcollaboratedwithstakeholdersregardingthe context of 2019 tax legislation. ongoing situations surrounding the usage of federal caFo Publishedthe2019HorseIndustryTaxHandbook:TaxCutsandregulations to enact state legal action to push our equine facilities.JobsAct,areferencetooloutliningmajorchangesresultingfrom Foughtforimprovedaccessandstandardizedprotocolsfor tax reform legislation impacting the equine sector. members engaged in international transport of horses into and out Successfullyadvocatedforguestworkervisacapflexibilityforof the united states. Fy2020, effectively doubling the number of h-2B guest worker visasWorkedwiththeFAAtoaddresshorseownerissueswithlowflying authorized by federal law. airplanes and public drone usage over private property. AdvocatedforpermanentcapreliefforH2Bguestworker Raisedindustryconcernswithelectedofficialsandaffiliated visas, within the context of legislation being drafted by rep. Jack agencies regarding motorized vehicle (e-bikes) access on non- Bergman (r-mi). motorized vehicle trails on us national Park trails. PushedreformstotheH2AAgricultureGuestWorkervisaprogram, ContinuedeffortsoftheUnitedHorseCoalition(formerlyUnwanted clarifying that diverse segments of the horse industry automatically horse coalition) to educate the public on responsible ownershipqualify for an expanded pool of farm worker visas within the and reduce the number of unwanted horses. context of a bill being drafted by rep. ted yoho (r-Fl). 10ahc accomPlishments2021 horse industry directory'