b'shoW and sPort orGanizations (ahc memBers)AmerICAN eNDUrANCe rIDe CoNFereNCe AmerICAN QUArTer HorSe ASSoCIATIoNKathleen henkel, executive directorJustin Billings, chief show officer P. o. Box 6027 P. o. Box 200auburn, ca 95604 amarillo, tX 79168-0001Phone:(866) 271-2372 or 530-823-2260Fax:(530) 823-7805 Phone:(806) 376-4811Fax:(806) 349-6412email:executivedirector@aerc.org email:show@aqha.org Website:www.aerc.org Website:www.aqha.orgFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/60765322138/ ;Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/aqha1https://www.facebook.com/american-endurance-ride-conference- Publication:The Quarter Horse Journalaerc-156158174449914/the mission of the american Quarter horse association is: Publication:Endurance News TorecordandpreservethepedigreesoftheAmericanQuarterHorse,to promote the sport of endurance and encourage and enforce the safewhile maintaining the integrity of the breed and welfare of its use of horses in demonstrating their endurance abilities in a naturalhorses.setting through the development, use and preservation of trails. Toprovidebeneficialservicesforitsmembersthatenhanceandencourage american Quarter horse ownership and participation. AmerICAN morgAN HorSe ASSoCIATIoN Todevelopdiverseeducationalprograms,materialandcurriculumthat will position aQha as the leading resource organization in the carrie mortensen executive director equine industry. 4066 shelburne rd., ste. 5 TogenerategrowthofAQHAmembershipviathemarketing,shelburne, Vt 05482 promotion, advertising and publicity of the american Quarter horse.Phone:(802) 985-4944Fax:(802) 985-8897 ToensuretheAmericanQuarterHorseistreatedhumanely,withemail:info@morganhorse.comdignity, respect and compassion, at all times.Website:www.morganhorse.comF acebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/american-morgan-horse- APPAlooSA HorSe ClUBassociation-sharing-carrots/111766915152Publication:AMHAs- The Network 2720 W. Pullman roadthe american morgan horse association exists to preserve, promotemoscow, id 83843and perpetuate the morgan breed. Phone:(208) 882-5578Fax:(208) 882-8150email:executiveassistant@appaloosa.comAmerICAN PAINT HorSe ASSoCIATIoN Website:www.appaloosa.comFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/appaloosa-horse-Billy smith, executive directorclub/175976674260P. o. Box 961023 Publication:Appaloosa JournalFort Worth, tX 76161-0023 the appaloosa horse club is the international breed registry serving Phone:(817) 834-2742Fax:(817) 834-3152 aphc members and appaloosa enthusiasts by recording and preserving email:billys@apha.comthe horses heritage and history, and by providing services that Website:www.apha.com promote, enhance and improve the appaloosa.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/americanpainthorsePublication:Paint Horse Journal (monthly); Paint Horse ConnectionArABIAN HorSe ASSoCIATIoN(Quarterly); Paint Horse Racing (digital only)only horses produced from Paint, Quarter horse or thoroughbredstan morey, executive Vice Presidentbloodlines are eligible for regular registration. registration depends10805 e. Bethany driveupon amount and location of color. aurora, co 80014-2605Phone: (303) 696-4500 Fax: (303) 696-4599email: stan.morey@arabianhorses.org Website: www.arabianhorses.orgFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/arabianhorseassociationPublication: Modern Arabian HorseAHAisamajorequineassociationserving85,600Arabian,Half-arabian and anglo-arabian horse owners and 235 clubs across north america. aha registers and maintains a database of more than one million arabian, half-arabian and anglo-arabian horses and administers approximately $3 million in annual prize money. aha produces championship events, recognizes over 550 arabian horse shows and distance rides and provides activities, education, and programs that promote breeding and ownership.shoW and sPort orGanizations952021 horse industry directory'