b'the american horse councils leGislatiVe & reGulatory accomPlishments 2015-2020introduction 2020 accomplishmentsthe american horse council (ahc) represents the horse industry in TosupporttheindustryduringCOVID-19pandemic,developedWashington with a great deal of support and help from our memberscoVid-19 resource database to aid the horse community in finding and sponsors. We thought it would be helpful for you to understand assistance such as hay banks, feed coupons and other resources. the work we do by documenting the accomplishments of the ahc overBeginning in march issued weekly coVid-19 newsletter to supply the last five years. these accomplishments reflect the industrys recordthe horse community with updates on financial aid and other forms of success. of assistance, and outline safety protocols. Utilizednumerousremoteinternstoaddresskeyresearchprojects.results in Washington, either in congress or through the federalcreated internship network to help place students at equine regulatory agencies, take time. moving any part of the federalassociations and organizations across the industry.government involves a great deal of persuasion and education on a day-ConductedAHCAnnualmeetingandNationalIssuesForumto-day basis, often over several congresses or years. it also involvesvirtually in october with significant attendance for all committee working with other coalitions and groups with similar goals.meetings and presenters. Identifiedandformedfive(5)newtaskforcesincludingNutrition,as you review this list, remember that there is a great deal of work stille-Bikes on multi use trails, equine campsite utilization, youth to be done, including protecting what we have accomplished.engagement and diversity equality and inclusion EquineAssistedServices(EAS)TWINVICTORIES! We must continue to ensure:For the fourth year in a row, successfully advocated for substantialthatfederaltaxprovisionsarefavorabletohorseownersand funds for equine assisted services (eas) for veterans, a measure breeders;championed by rep. Barr (r-Ky) within the Fy2021 departmentthatanygaminglegislationconsidersthespecialneedsofpari- of Veterans affairs (Va) spending bill. also, advocated for final mutuel horseracing;passage of the Whole Veteran act (h.r. 2359), authorizingthathorsesareeligibleforallfederalemergencyreliefavailable; a study analyzing the effectiveness of various treatments forthathorsescanbeefficientlymovedinternationallyandinterstate veterans, including eas. for breeding, competition and use; GreatAmericanOutdoorsActVICTORY!thatimportrestrictionsprotectourdomestichorsesandare in late July, lawmakers passed a historic recreation package, administered fairly and efficiently;incorporating priorities the horse industry has lobbied for thethatfederalmoniesforresearchintoequinediseasesareavailable; past three years. these include key provisions to address trails that public lands are accessible to riders and outfitters;maintenance and conservation measures that promote riding.thatfederalfundingisavailabletobuildandmaintaintrails;CARESActFlexibility,ClarificationsVICTORY! that there are sufficient legal foreign workers for farms, ranchesWhen congress passed the coronavirus aid relief and economic and other equine facilities;security (cares) act, it set up the Paycheck Protection Programthatanynationally-mandatedidentificationsystemforlivestock (PPP) and modified the tax code to help small and rural business. recognizes the uniqueness of the horse industry and,the horse industry and its allies successfully advocated forotherissuesthatmayariseareaddressed. flexibilities and clarifications to the landmark law. these include an increase for charitable deductions, a set aside of funds for small Thank you for your support.and community banks that benefit rural borrowers, a clarification Please help us continue the effort together. from sBa that racetracks would be eligible for PPP, and program eligibility for farmer schedule F filers, among other measures.Three-YearDepreciationforRacehorsesVICTORY! successfully extended the three-year depreciation incentive for racehorses through 2021, within the context of the consolidated appropriations act for Fiscal year (Fy) 2021. ahc accomPlishments92021 horse industry directory'