b' WorkedwithmembersofCongressontheRecreationNotRed- the ahcs comments strongly urged usda to explicitly limit all new tape act (rnr) (s. 1633, h.r. 3400), legislation that expands theprovisions to tennessee Walking horses, racking horses, and spotted scope of the national Forest system trails stewardship act (Plsaddle horses, mirroring the widely supported Prevent all soring 114-245), signed into law in late 2016. While the rnr focuses ontactics act or Past act. the ahc believes making this change will streamlined permitting to access public lands, the bill includesaddress most concerns the horse industry has with the proposed rule provisions that would authorize the department of the interior,and will still achieve the goal of ending soring.through the Bureau of land management (Blm), to enter into Since2014,theTimetoRideChallengehasintroducedover90,000cooperative agreements with private parties to promote the role ofnew enthusiasts to horses through 1,500 host stables across the volunteers in trail maintenance.country. these newcomers are the industrys next riders, owners,AdvocatingforanamendmentwithintheFY2018Departmentof competitors, clients, customers, and members.defense appropriations Bill that would fund equine therapy for In2016TimetoRidealsolaunchednewcollaborativeprogramsveterans including the Pledge to take a Friend riding, and collegiateIntroductionofthePreventAllSoringTactics(PAST)Actinthe challenges held at colorado state university and texas a&m house by representatives ted yoho (r-Fl) and Kurt schraderuniversity. (d-or). the bill is intended to strengthen the horse Protection act ContinuedtoadvancetheEquineDiseaseCommunicationCenter(hPa) and prevent the soring of tennessee Walking horses, racking(edcc).horses, and spotted saddle horses. the bill currently has more 2016Numberstodate:than 275 sponsors in the house. 239 alerts posted since January 1, 2016 PromotingtheAnimalDiseaseandDisasterPreventionProgram 251 outbreaks reported since January 1, 2016within the context of the 2018 Farm Bill. edcc totals: PromotingtheFootandMouthDiseasePreventionProgramwithin 344 alerts posted since april 2015the 2018 Farm Bill.485 outbreaks reported since april 2015 In2017,theEquineDiseaseCommunicationCenter(EDCC)sentout 2,142 subscriptions to the edcc email alert list315 alerts reporting on 404 total outbreaks/cases.ContinuedtogainsupportfortheAHCWelfareCodeofPractice. OveralltotalsfortheEDCC: the code of practice is a broad set of principles designed to -694 alerts posted since april 2015 establish good welfare procedures for organizations to follow to -897 outbreaks reported since april 2015 Put the horse First, and has been endorsed by 54 national horse -3,447 addresses on the edcc email alert subscription list organizations.-4,590 following on Facebook- TimetoRidehitamajormilestonebysuccessfullyintroducing 2015 accomplishmentsover 120,000 new horse enthusiasts to the equine industry Securedatwoyearextensionof3-year-depreciationforallracethrough over 1,500 hosts throughout the country. horses retroactive to January 1, 2015 through 2016. From 2009 through 2014, race horses could be depreciated over three years, 2016 accomplishments regardless of when they were placed in service. that change,AchievedpassageoftheNationalForestServiceTrailStewardship which eliminated the 7-year depreciation period for race horses and act (h.r. 845/ s.1110). this law directs the Forest service to takemade all race horses eligible for three-year depreciation, expired at several actions to address the current trail maintenance backlogthe end of 2014. that is adversely impacting all trail users on many national forests, HelpedachieveapermanentextensionoftheSection179including equestrians.business deduction to $500,000. it had reverted to $25,000 at the end of 2014. anyone in the horse business can now immediately specifically, the new law will create a new national strategy todepreciate up to $500,000 of the cost of any investment in business significantly increase the role of volunteers and partners in trailassets, including horses, purchased and placed in service after maintenance and a new priority trail maintenance program. the lawJanuary 1, 2015. the deduction is reduced dollar-for-dollar once will also create a program to allow outfitters and guides to treat theirinvestment in all ones business activities hit $2 million. national forest trail maintenance activities as an in-kind donation to Helpedachieveafiveyearextensionofbonusdepreciationoffset fees owed to the federal government. for qualifying new property, including assets used in the horseSubmittedcommentstotheU.S.DepartmentofAgricultures business, such as horses and other equipment, purchased and (usda) animal and Plant health inspection service (aPhis)placed in service after January 1, 2015. the bonus depreciation requesting important improvements and clarifications to proposedpercentage is 50 percent for property placed in service during 2015, regulations governing enforcement of the horse Protection 2016 and 2017 and phases down to 40 percent in 2018, and 30 act (hPa).percent in 2019. the first use of the horse or equipment must begin with the taxpayer. this had expired at the end of 2014. 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