b'Saddle up with the American Horse Councils Congressional CavalryIts important that all members of the horse community are aware of federal issues that impact them and the horse industry.They also need to be willing to get involved and take action when Congress or federal agencies are making decisions that concern the horse community.There are several ways individuals can get involved, and one of them is by signing up for our Congressional Cavalry.The Congressional Cavalry is the AHCs grassroots network. We let members of the Cavalry know when action of federal issues is needed and how to contact their Mem-bers of Congress via our AHC ACTION ALERTS. There is no cost to join the Cavalry, and you will only receive Action Alerts from us when necessary.Individuals will be mobilized when there is a need for grassroots lobbying. The AHC will provide Cavalry members with the necessary information in order to contact their members of Congress about the issue at hand.8conGressional calVary ProGram 2021 horse industry directory'