b' AdvocatingforPreventAllSoringTactics(PAST)ActtheHouse 2017 accomplishmentsversion gained 289 co-sponsors by the close of 2018, successfully PublishedtheNationalEquineHealthPlan(NEHP)inconjunctionadvocated for introduction of a senate companion, which gained 45with the american association of equine Practitioners (aaeP), the cosponsors in 2018. united states department of agriculture (usda), and state animalMonitoringHorseProtectionActproposedregulatorychanges health officials. the goals of the nehP are to protect the health which continues to be in a holding pattern and welfare of the u.s. equine population, facilitate the continuedAdvocatedforindustryengagementinthedevelopmentofmore interstate and international movement of horses and their products, supportive import/export regulations; specifically 60 to 90 daysensure the availability of regulatory services, and protect the rule change economic continuity of business in the equine industry. SupportedEquineDiseaseCommunicationCenter,andcollaboratedEnsuredfavorabletaxprovisionsfortheequineindustryintheTaxwith various organizations and agencies on disaster response cuts and Jobs act of 2017 passed at the end of december: cuttingProvidededucationandadvocatedforchangestoproposed corporate tax rates, reducing most individual tax rates, doubling electronic logging devices and commercial drivers license the estate tax exemption from $5 million to $10 million, and aCollaboratedwithindustryondevelopmentofwww.Horselookup. 20% deduction for pass-through entities such as partnerships, org, an equine microchip look up tool sole proprietorships and s corporations. additionally, an increaseContinuedeffortsoftheUnitedHorseCoalition(formerlyUnwanted in Bonus depreciation from 50 percent to 100 percent for both horse coalition) to educate the public on responsible ownershipnew and used property acquired and put into service after sept. and reduce the number of unwanted horses and by offering27, 2017, and before Jan. 1, 2023; and the section 179 deduction low cost or no cost gelding clinics. also offered microchipsincreased from $500,000 to $1 million for new and used property, and complimentary registrations to gelding clinics and rescueand the phase-out threshold for the deduction has been increased organizations. from $2 million to $2.5 million. LaunchedtheEquineWelfareDataCollective,adatacollectionWorkingwithotherracingindustryorganizations,securedachangeinitiative to provide population metrics of horses at-risk and inin the new irs Winnings rule, which changed federal withholding transition. data will be analyzed on a national and regional level,and reporting requirements for pari-mutuel winnings. the new and data reports will be released to the public free of charge. therule arises from a notice of proposed rulemaking issued in late first round of data collection launched november 1, 2018. 2016, on which the equine industry submitted comments, layingCompletedEquineIndustryEconomicImpactStudyandreported the groundwork for the new regulatory flexibility. the tax rules will results to congressional horse caucus and equine industryeffectively exempt large numbers of winnings from the federal organizations. reports available www.horsecouncil.orgdefinition for amount of wager. the new threshold effectivelyPromotedSafeSport,providededucationtoAHCmemberson exempts a large number of bets from triggering the imposition of a requirements, and formed safe sport task Force to help direct non- 20 percent withholding on winnings, thereby reflecting a consumer useF organizations to resources. trend toward exotic wagering pools in modern betting.Conductedresearchprojectsonshow/competitionentryCollaboratedwithothermembersofthelivestockindustrytoimpediments and incentives, and equine health issues.address the electronic logging device (eld) mandate to requestContinuedcollaborationwithAAEPonresearchchallengeswith that the department of transportation (dot) grant a one-year goal of holding equine research summit in 2019 to include fundersenforcement delay followed by a waiver and limited exemptions and researchers.from compliance with the december 18, 2017 implementation dateContinuedAHCMarketingAllianceTimetoRideprogramwhichhas for the Final rule on electronic logging devices (elds) and hours of exposed over 132,000 newcomers to horses and equine pursuits inservice (hos). the ahc also published two handouts to clarify both the last six years. the eld and commercial drivers license (cdl) requirements. ContinuedtoadvocateforH2-BVisacapreliefbyencouragingcaprelief in the Fy2018 appropriations bill, as well as the strengthen employment and seasonal opportunities (season) act (h.r. 2004) and the save our small and seasonal Businesses act of 2017(s. 792).12ahc accomPlishments2021 horse industry directory'