b'WalKinG Ponyamerican Walking Pony registry, Joan hudson Brown, President, Po Box 5282, macon, Ga 31208-5282, Phone: (478) 743-2321 or 478-461-3321, Fax: (478) 742-1021, email: awpony@bellsouth.net Welara Ponyamerican Welara Pony society, Gail collins, secretary, 471 Fourth street, nevelco unit 1, crescent Valley, nV 89821, Phone: (760) 364-2048,Fax: (760) 364-2048, email: info@welararegistry.com, Website: www.welararegistry.comWelsh Pony and coBWelsh Pony and cob society of america, inc., lisa l. landis, executive secretary/treasurer, 720 Green st., stephens city, Va 22655, Phone: (540) 868-7669, email: info@welshpony.org, Website: www.welshpony.org*Please note: this is not an exhaustive list and we understand there are many smaller breed groups, resuces and sancturaries not listed.Breed reGistries and associations232021 horse industry directory'