Special Bulletin

Progress Report on 2023 Economic Impact Study – Financial Support Needed

The American Horse Council Foundation is hoping to update the National Economic Impact Study (EIS) next year to document the economic effects of all segments of the horse industry on the state and national economy. Major economic changes have occurred since the 2017 study. Not only have business closures and resulting federal stimulus programs related to the pandemic made a major impact, but the industry has adapted to historic changes made to the tax code.

Fundraising to conduct the study started in March 2022 with the goal of obtaining the needed $350K. As of September 1, AHCF has raised $208K towards its goal. AHC President, Julie Broadway stated “We must raise at least 80% of the full price, or $280K, to even sign a contract with the consultants. Our hope is to have that amount secured by October 1 so that the project planning can begin, and we can start collecting data in early 2023. Right now, we’re roughly $72K short of our initial goal – so we’re really working hard to make certain the community understands the importance of this work. Once we reach our $280K mark, we then must continue to fundraise to reach the final $350K goal.”

Every equine organization, manufacturer, retailer and supplier will benefit directly from the public exposure an EIS provides:

  •  helps state and federal agencies scale the level of support and engagement needed to protect and serve the industry,
  •  breaks down potential barriers to federal, state and local leaders.
  •  raises equine community’s level of pride in the industry.
  •  increases awareness and interest in industry.
  •  offers an opportunity to establish and maintain a positive image of our industry in the community and among the media.
  •  opens the door for future fund-raising projects and may support efforts to work more closely with your financial institutions.
  •  provides the opportunity to highlight non-economic contributions and the civic involvement of the organization and its members.

The AHC Foundation is looking for donations from all industry participants – businesses, horse owners, and enthusiasts alike. The AHC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code and contributions to it are tax-deductible. Pledge payments are due no later than 1/1/2023 and AHCF offers several payment methods and options.

If you have any questions regarding the study or how your organization and its members can assist, please contact us at info@horsecouncil.org. We would also encourage you to help us spread the word about the study. We have put together FAQs, and other promotional materials along with a DonorBox site to help gain support. We are happy to provide you any of these resources.

“We truly believe that the data this study will provide is invaluable. As such, we hope that you will begin a dialogue with your leadership, state agriculture and tourism agencies, and others that would also find value in the data provided.” The AHC would be happy to speak with you or others to help make this case. AHC receives numerous calls each week for updated data of this nature and requests for copies of reports, so we are confident that you will find supporters to help you and the AHC with this initiative.

“Should we fail to reach our target the study will have to be postponed which would be detrimental to the industry’s ability to make our case and effect legislation and regulatory challenges. We hope everyone recognizes the importance of this data to the industry and leans in to help. We can’t do it alone.”