A woman kissing a horse. National Day of the Horse

Help Celebrate Day of the Horse

A woman kissing a horse. National Day of the Horse

Help Celebrate Day of the Horse

The American Horse Council doesn’t need a specific date on the calendar to know when to celebrate the horse, and we know that for those whose lives center around the horse, you don’t either.

However, December 13 is National Day of the Horse. And it’s a time to celebrate.

This day was designated by Congress in 2004 to encourage Americans to be mindful of the horse’s contribution to the economy, history and the character of the United States of America. Each year has a theme, and this year’s theme is:

Horses Make Our Lives Better

We know how much better our lives are thanks to horses. Now, let’s make horses’ lives better because of that.

Throughout the month of December, the AHC has counted down to December 13 by sharing different ways that the American Horse Council, its partners and off-shoots are working to help the horse and help the horse owner. If you have not seen the campaign, we encourage you to follow the AHC on Facebook and Instagram by searching “American Horse Council.”

On Wednesday, December 13, the American Horse Council is asking its members to help us promote National Day of the Horse and encourage followers and members to support the American Horse Council Foundation. The AHC Foundation is seeking funding to further research, increase educational pursuits through scholarships and potentially launch grant programs to help other equine-related nonprofits continue their mission. We know there are so many great causes asking for money, so we appreciate any consideration for supporting the Foundation.

You can find out more information on the AHC Foundation by visiting the website: https://horsecouncil.org/about-us/ahc-programs/ahc-foundation-2/

As you share your celebration of the day on social media, we’d appreciate tagging the American Horse Council in your social media posts, so we can share with our audiences as well. Remember to use the hashtags #Here4Horses and #NationalDayoftheHorse

Thank you for everything you do for the horse—personally and professionally. Together, we can continue to share the brilliance of this magnificent animal and all the things they do to make the world a better place.