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AHC 2024 Dues Announcement

AHC 2024 Dues Announcement

Dear AHC members,

Despite our thriftiness and best efforts to manage expenses, AHC leadership has determined that beginning in 2024 we will need to implement dues increase. AHC last raised dues in 2017, so after 6 years, AHC is seeking a modest increase in membership dues to continue to address the important legislative and regulatory issues facing the equine industry; maintain advocacy partnerships and keep pace with technology.

Our objective was to strike a balance among the diverse membership entities and individuals that comprise the AHC. The proposed schedule recognizes the considerable financial and human resources contributed by our longstanding members without overburdening the smaller organizations and individuals that we need to continue to recruit. For example:

  • Individual members will go from $60 to $65.
  • Business members will go from $100 to $110.
  • State Horse Councils will go from $350 to $375.
  • Associations/Organizations paying various rates will see increases ranging from 2% to 7% depending on the level of contribution.

Please feel free to contact for additional details.

Over the past year, AHC has provided its members with timely legislative updates and advocated for members in the regulatory area by providing comments on labor, horse welfare, environmental, and tax issues. We facilitated member contacts with Congress and represented the equine industry in a multitude of forums and coalitions.

AHC has also expanded our communications and advocacy through an increased presence on social media, to include monthly Podcasts, quarterly Webinars, and editorial placements in relevant media platforms.

Coming up in 2024 is our National Issues Forum scheduled for June 9-12, 2024, at the Royal Sonesta Capitol Hill. We will also be participating in member-sponsored events and other national forums.

There are a lot of “voices” in Washington. AHC is solely dedicated to representing the equine industry and its partners.

We are considered an honest broker of information – a valued and rare distinction due to the active involvement of our members.

Thank you for your membership. We look forward to the year ahead with you as a member of the AHC.

For more information about the American Horse Council, please visit:

For more information about American Horse Council membership, please visit:  AHC Membership