It’s the most wonderful time of the Year. To Give the gift of securing your horse passion this holiday season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the Year.
To Give the gift of securing your horse passion
this holiday season!


(Washington DC, December 20,2022) Your donation through our AHC Foundation helps us ensure the longevity and sustainability of the equine community and industry.

It may not sound glamorous, or pluck at your heartstrings… but the fate of the equine industry lies in knowing ourselves – what we contribute to the economy in dollars, in jobs, and in our constituents (voters).  Not to mention the importance of societal contributions like health and well-being, green space, and volunteers, as well as the preservation of the rich heritage, legacy, and culture of the equestrian lifestyle.

If you want to support the industry, or maybe honor a horse, a friend or a loved one this season, consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation to our fundraising campaign for this important research. Why is an economic impact study especially important now? Major economic changes have occurred during the past few years.  Not only have business closures and resulting federal stimulus programs related to the pandemic had a direct impact, but the industry has adapted to historic changes made to the tax code since 2017. Currently, industry leaders, universities, regulators, and equine enthusiasts are operating with years-old data. An updated study will allow everyone to make accurate, data-driven decisions that protect the industry and help sustain our way of life for future generations.

We absolutely must be able to tell our story to create an awareness of and an interest in the equine industry; to help provide positive relationships, including congressional and media relations; to identify local partners and supporters and offers an opportunity to recognize those relationships; to identify the industry as a player in the local, state & national economy, and to enable us to advertise ourselves by first identifying our contributions.

Consider keeping a loved one’s memory and passion for the equines they love and care for alive and well – make an End of Year gift in their honor and we will be more than happy to send them their digital acknowledgment for the holidays, all we need is their email address! Please include the name of the person and their mailing information in the comments of the donation form, or email . The last day to have your in-honor gift emailed is December 23, however, year- end tax-deductible contributions will be accepted, and receipts provided through December 31st.

We hope you will share this opportunity far and wide. Happy Holidays!