American Horse Council’s Annual Spring Youth Fly-In Set for May 14-17

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The young men and women of the horse industry are the deciding future for which direction the industry will continue to go. That’s why it’s important for the youth to be active and to learn about the actions their government–local and nationally–can have on their government.

The American Horse Council (AHC) is excited to invite the youth to their annual Spring Fly-In May 14-17, 2023, in Washington, D.C. This fly-in is open to all youth wishing to learn and participate in advocating for the equine industry.

Arrival for the Fly-In is set for Sunday, May 14. Monday, May 15, is set aside for sightseeing of our nation’s capital in the morning, followed by advocacy orientation by the AHC in the late afternoon.

Tuesday will be filled with visits to U.S. Congressional offices. Meetings with the industry’s partners and ally groups such as Farm Bureau, National Grange, the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association for Equine Practitioners, the U.S. Drug Administration, and more will occur as well. Participants should plan to meet for a debriefing and goodbyes on Wednesday, May 17, prior to flying home.

“We are proud to work with our industry allies and partners year-round, and this is a great way to introduce this side of the industry to our youth,” says Julie Broadway, president of the AHC. “This is an opportunity our younger generation should not ignore.”

So far, the American Quarter Horse Youth Association and the National Reining Horse Youth Association will be attending, with more expected to be named soon. Organizations and individuals are welcome.

There is no registration fee to attend this life-changing experience and event. For any questions regarding preferred hotels and logistics for attending, contact the AHC. Attendee names must be into the AHC office by May 1 to make necessary arrangements. Any questions can be directed to Julie Broadway: